Ditch the mobile and go for a family picnic this summer

Is the great British tradition of picnics dying out?

One of the best things about the British summertime is getting the opportunity to grab a basket and some food and enjoy an al fresco meal in the park.

However, technology could be getting in the way of this traditional family pastime, according to a new study by piemakers Pork Farms.

Its poll found that 20 per cent of parents wouldn't rate their chances of getting their kids off their tablets and smartphones long enough to get out into the open air, while ten per cent can't be bothered with the routine of loading the car up, doing the shopping and getting the kids ready.

As a result, some five million children in the UK have never been on a family picnic, even though 34 per cent of parents rate it as the perfect family day out.

Meanwhile, days out in general are suffering because of our tech addiction, as 39 per cent of adults have argued with a partner for checking work emails during such excursions and 38 per cent think devices of any kind should be banned during family time.

It's not just summer trips that have us struggling to make social connections with our loved ones either, as a previous poll by Santander discovered that 15 per cent of people only sit down to a family meal once or twice a week and 19 per cent of working adults don't have enough minutes in the day to catch up with what's going on at home.

Pork Farms has therefore launched its Social Summer campaign to encourage Britons to ditch their distractions and get together more often during the warmer months, hopefully bringing back the tradition of picnicking.

Sally Whittle, spokesperson for the initiative, said she finds it astonishing that so many kids have never experienced this modest joy.

"Interacting with each other is such an important part of family life and getting kids outdoors ensures they're kept healthy and happy. Picnics are a great way to keep the whole family entertained and I hope the Pork Farms Social Summer campaign will help highlight the need for us to enjoy the great outdoors more often," she added.

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