Did you see the supermoon?

Did you see the supermoon?

If you happened to glance out of the window on Saturday (July 12th) night, you may have noticed that the moon looked much bigger and brighter than usual.

That's because we were enjoying the phenomenon that's come to be known as a supermoon, which occurs when the lunar body reaches the closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit – it's also known as a perigee moon.

Indeed, the moon was 30,000 miles closer to us over the weekend that it is when it reaches the furthest point in its orbit, resulting in it appearing significantly bigger and brighter.

Anyone who was outside or looked out of their curtains during the evening will have noticed the difference, particularly if they were viewing our planetary companion as it dipped behind buildings or trees to create an optical illusion of even greater size.

Apparently, the best time to have viewed it was 23:25 BST, so we hope you managed to catch a glimpse!

Don't worry if you missed it though – there will be another supermoon on August 9th, while the final one before the autumn will occur on September 9th. The one in August will be even closer to Earth than this weekend's, so it's well worth making a note of the date to remind you.

Astrologer Nichard Nolle coined the term supermoon back in 1979 and the phenomenon is strongest just after it rises or right before it sets.

Supermoons have been associated with noticeably stronger tidal wave forces as the moon's gravitational pull alters with increased proximity. They have also been linked to other natural disasters, including hurricanes, over the years.

However, we pay attention to a supermoon because it represents new beginnings and could be the ideal time to take on new projects and even embark on fresh relationships.

At the same time, a supermoon will make the culmination of existing events more dramatic and momentous.

The next time the supermoon comes around, expect your emotions to be heightened and for drama to crop up at every turn. Make the most of this heightened sense of self and use it as a chance to grow and take new chances.

If you want help making the most of a supermoon, just give one of our psychics a call or drop them a text.

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