Did Birmingham couple capture the Grey Lady?

Did Birmingham couple capture the Grey Lady? (press release)

A couple from Birmingham believe they may have photographed the famous Dudley Castle Grey Lady ghost – said to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, a former resident who gave birth to her daughter there.

On a visit to the Dudley Zoological Gardens, Dean and Amy Harper took a selection of photos from the top of Dudley Castle tower.

The West Midlands castle, erected in 1071, is said to be one of the most haunted in England.

Upon looking back through their images, the couple spotted a grey shadow at the courtyard window of the Sharington Range Tudor palace, which they say resembles that of a woman and child.

A spokesman for the castle said: "There have been many stories about ghostly figures and happenings associated with the castle, mostly centred within the courtyard.

"This image is incredible because it was taken from the top of the castle on a mobile phone camera and still manages to pick out the outline of what seems to be a female figure in the doorway."

However, experts are a little more sceptical about the supposed sighting, claiming it is more likely to be an example of pareidolia – where distinct features or patterns are recognised in objects.

It is common for people to see faces and human figures because these are the stimuli that we are most familiar with, explained Christopher French, professor at Goldsmith's University.

But for some people, ghost hunting is an enjoyable pastime. Donna Powers from Arundel is just one example of an individual who regularly seeks the supernatural and for the past few years, has taught a class on the act of ghost hunting.

She says amateur ghost hunters only need a mobile phone with a recording feature to document any encounters with spiritual forms.

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