Dating’s next big thing – a paper bag over your head

Dating's next big thing - a paper bag over your head

When you're going out looking for love, you no doubt spend a little time beforehand sprucing yourself up, doing your hair and generally ensuring you're the best version of yourself you can be.

However, all that's going to be pointless if you buy into the next big thing in dating – because you'll have a paper bag over your head anyway.

It's the brainchild of, which decided it wanted a way of allowing people to get to know each other without basing their opinions solely on looks.

So, the agency decided to host an event at the British Science Museum that invited singles along and then provided them with a large brown paper bag that just had eye and mouth holes cut out of it, the Daily Mail reports.

Participants could decorate their bags how they liked – which actually resulted in some amazing artwork – and were encouraged to put ice-breaking facts about themselves on the front, such as unusual middle names and tattoos.

They then had to put the bags on their heads and go through to a large room full of tables, where they could all start chatting to each other.

Incredibly, this all started in London, so we can't blame it on the US, for once, but they're so taken with the idea that it's going to New York in the autumn.

The majority of the people who joined in said it was a quirky and unusual way of meeting others, so perhaps it might catch on nationwide.

At least it's one better than silent dating, which is being tried out by compatibility website Shhh Dating and could result in some seriously awkward situations as people face each other wordlessly all evening.

We think getting to know someone with a bag on your head and theirs is going to be quite difficult, plus you can't deny that being attracted to someone is partly based on how they look. Kudos to the organisers for trying to beat shallowness, though.

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