Could robots really replace human relationships?

Could robots really replace human relationships?

Anyone with an interest in technology will be aware that there are always some new amazing innovations out there, making possible what seemed impossible just a few years ago.

Of course, how we use technology is another matter. After all, nowadays most of us can carry a small device in our pockets capable not only of making phone calls, but also of accessing all the publicly available knowledge known to mankind – and yet we tend to use it to look at pictures of cats and have arguments with complete strangers.

Another curious feature of technology is the way we use it to replicate the things we can all do in the everyday – like having relationships. True, the path of true love seldom runs smoothly, but does that mean we should turn to a human-like robot, who will be able to satisfy various desires and give full commitment without the attached risk of fickleness, rejection or even leaving the toilet seat up?

The issue has been explored in an article in Aeon Magazine, which focuses on a doll-like life-sized individual called Roxxxy. She can talk, hear and even feel, according to the model. She is what is known as a sexbot, a robot who can act like a girlfriend, even if she is not yet designed to be equipped for actual copulation.

So, could it be that future relationships will involve picking robots, either to fill a gap between real human relationships or even as a full-time alternative? Hmmm…

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After all, technology can sometimes be a relationship wrecker. A study by Baylor's Hankamer School of Business in 2012 found that mobile phones can be so addictive that loved ones end up taking second place – with predictably unpleasant results.

Dr James Roberts from the school told the Daily Mail: "Mobile phones are a part of our consumer culture. They are not just a consumer tool, but are used as a status symbol. They're also eroding our personal relationships."

If that is the case, the day when Roxxxy becomes a status symbol will not be a good one.

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