Could a sex schedule improve your relationship?

Could a sex schedule improve your relationship?

We all live very busy lives these days, so making time for our loved ones can be difficult. And when you've spent eight hours at a desk, followed by more time on housework and juggled this with sorting out the kids, getting intimate can drop to the bottom of the to-do list.

However, it seems some Britons are really determined to get in some couples-only time – because they're scheduling sex in as they would an appointment at the hairdresser's.

A poll carried out by Vouchercloud discovered that a fifth of respondents make a date for sex with their partner, with this ousting spontaneity as the most favourable time for them to enjoy some bedroom action.

It seems to be working, as the average person reported having sex six times a month and 53 per cent answered 'yes' when asked if they are happy with their physical love life. Another 15 per cent said they were 'unsure', something we're not quite sure what to make of!

A spokesperson for Vouchercloud said: "It can be difficult to find the time or even the energy for intimate moments. Taking this into account, setting aside a certain time or day in the week isn't necessarily a bad idea, even though it doesn’t sound very romantic."

Unfortunately, the poll also discovered that 43 per cent of people don't think they have sex often enough – and 16 per cent believe their partner is 'no good in bed'. Hopefully they're not going to share that with them anytime soon!

It doesn't seem to be just a select few who are practising the sex schedule to guarantee some nookie. According to Netmums research, this is one of the 'parenting trends to watch for 2014', with 60 per cent of their users admitting to doing it.

At least practitioners will have time to prepare for it if they know it's in the schedule – there shouldn't be any of the good, old-fashioned headaches cropping up.

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