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How to connect with your spiritual self

Many of us spend a great part of our lives on the quest for inner peace and happiness, embarking on everything from exotic travels to art classes to help in the process. One way that this goal could be achieved

Forget traditional dating – try the Tube!

For most of us, underground railways are a rather tedious means to an end; they get us to and from work or social engagements, but we don't really think much about them beyond that. However, one man has suggested that

Are women hedging their bets in relationships?

A surprising number of women in the UK could be hedging their bets when it comes to relationships, just in case their current one turns sour. This is according to a new survey carried out by on behalf of

Angelina Jolie: I’m still in contact with my mum

Angelina Jolie has revealed that she likes to stay in contact with her mother, who died of cancer in 2007. The 39-year-old actress told French Marie Claire magazine that Marcheline Bertrand "is there, present all the time" as the actress

Living at home could thwart dating chances

In the quest for love, there are all sorts of techniques and tactics that can help singletons find their Mr Right, but it would seem that living at home with the parents isn't one of them. A third of women

People ‘should practise talking to their pets’

Everyone would be able to have a telepathic conversation with their pets if they only gave themselves the time to listen, according to one expert in the field. Sabine Poncelet, 43, told The National that she has long been able

Thinking about your partner could decrease stress levels

We all tend to get a little bit stressed sometimes – but a study has suggested that thinking about your partner could be enough to alleviate it and return you to a much calmer state of mind. A team led

Women ditch gym bunny boys for a bit of fun

Guys might assume that women will fancy them more if they have the body of Daniel Craig, but it appears that they could well be fine just the way they are. A poll carried out to coincide with the DVD

Half of divorcees left regretting the split

We all know that deciding to get a divorce isn't something anyone does lightly – unless you're an A-lister and get married on a whim every so often, of course. However, the amount of thought put into making the decision

Humour rates highest in desirable traits list

Both women and men who are looking for love rate humour highest on a must-have list of desirable traits, according to a new poll. Experian quizzed more than 2,000 people to see what British people really desire in a partner

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