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Ghostly figure spotted in Oxfordshire B&B

It's not often you encounter a ghost or spirit, but that's exactly what happened to a woman in Oxford during a paranormal investigation of Langsmeade House in Oxfordshire. Michelle Morris is a 42-year-old Forensic Psychology student at the Open University

Young people ‘need better careers advice’

Young people in the UK may be in need of much better careers advice than they are currently getting, according to a recently published government report. The National Careers Council's document Taking action: Achieving a culture change in careers provision

Are mixed-sex workplaces making us more competitive?

Single-sex workplaces used to be commonplace in Britain, with women and men usually earmarked for very different jobs. Fortunately, that is something that now seems to be a thing of the past and most offices and factories tend to have

Model kept awake by ghosts at Paris Fashion Week

A model at Paris Fashion Week has revealed that she didn't get much sleep during the event – not because of the wild parties, but because of things that went bump in the night. Nina Agdal is one of the

What does your workwear say about you?

We all have to get dressed each day and many of those days involve going to a workplace in order to do our jobs. This might mean selecting a suit or donning something slightly more casual if there isn't such

Traumatic childhood led to gift development for one medium

Medium to the stars Gordon Smith has been talking about how he realised he had a very special gift when he began to retreat into his own head after suffering as a result of a traumatic childhood. Speaking to the

Nashville actress discusses ghostly encounter

Connie Britton from the hit US TV show Nashville has been talking about a ghostly encounter she and her son experienced while they were staying in New Orleans this summer. The actress explained in an interview with Esquire magazine that

Author explains how meditation helped to calm him

An author has recommended that anybody struggling to relax or experiencing pain associated with tension should give meditation a try, as it has worked wonders for him. Writing in the Guardian, Tim Parks said he had been suffering from pain

MP reveals he trusts in astrology

An MP has declared his belief in astrology and that he is "absolutely convinced" it improves people's lives. David Tredinnick explained he has spent 20 years studying the stars and healthcare, and has produced charts for a number of his

Are you stressed out before you even get up?

Stresses and strains of everyday life mean some people are feeling anxious and overwhelmed even before they get out of bed, it is claimed. Around two-thirds of Britons are worrying before they have got up and experience an average of

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