Big data the key to great relationships? Really?!

Could big data be the secret to finding love?

The confinement of a career in information technology is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of romance, but there are some industry boffins that claim it is time to think again.

For those with even the slightest bit of computing knowledge, you are probably all too aware of the rise of big data and the effect that many believe it will have on the world of IT in the coming future. However, according to one former computer scientist from Amazon, it could also have huge influence on our ability to find love.

Big data gathers tiny pieces of information from any number of technical areas of our lives and brings them together to offer complex assistance intended to improve our daily lives. this could be anything from the quickest route to work, the level of exercise a person needs to do or even the types of music and art that we will enjoy most.

According to Andreas Weigend, who left Amazon to become director of Stanford’s Social Data Lab, the next step in big data will be to introduce emotional readings into the mix. This might not sound like much on the face of it, but it could ultimately mean we are able to tell potential suitors are thinking in the heat of real-life situations.

For example, rather than having to second guess what a glance from someone in a bar might actually mean, we could almost immediately be able to find out whether they are attracted to us or not.

However, there is more research that seems to belittle the success this approach could actually have. According to Psychology Today, most people don't fail to find love because they haven't got the perfect partner, but because they and their spouse do not have the compatibility to form a happy relationship.

This presents the quest for love as more of an ongoing work in progress, as opposed to a destiny that can be determined the first time you meet someone.

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