Are you stressed out before you even get up?

Are you stressed out before you even get up?

Stresses and strains of everyday life mean some people are feeling anxious and overwhelmed even before they get out of bed, it is claimed.

Around two-thirds of Britons are worrying before they have got up and experience an average of 14 bouts of stress per day, the Daily Mail reports.

Problems such as poor self image and work pressures cause undue worry for many and can affect their overall health and wellbeing, the poll by Ikea shows.

Speaking to the newspaper, a spokesperson for the store chain advised: "It's vital that people create a space where they can completely escape and find ways to organise their lives to combat stress before it has even begun.

 “Luckily, there are lots of small changes that people can make within the home, from getting their clothes ready the night before to keeping a pen and paper next to their bed to write down any nighttime worries, which will give them a better and more stress-free start to the day."

Psychic life coaching could help individuals struggling to cope with stress, as mediums can offer methods of coping more effectively with your life, calming your mind and moving forward in a positive way.

Everyday problems such as not being able to find items such as keys and wallets, failing to look after your health or manage your weight effectively, and computer malfunctions can prompt stress if you don’t handle them well, while worrying about money or work pressures may lead to insomnia, which is detrimental to health.

In order to combat levels of stress in Germany, a labour minister recently called in an interview with the Rheinische Post for legislation that would prevent bosses from contacting workers outside office hours, claiming it would improve work-life balance and boost mental health.

As it is unlikely the UK will enact a similar law, why not investigate psychic life coaching in order to improve your wellbeing and find ways of reducing your stress levels?

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