Are you planning your wedding – as a single girl?

Are you planning your wedding - as a single girl?

Any bride-to-be will tell you that planning a wedding is a pretty tough job. Not only have you got to keep the whole family happy, but a raft of jobs suddenly pop up that you hadn't even considered.

Who knew the ushers had to have presents, for instance, or that there are so many different shades of pink? It's enough to make anyone feel like eloping.

However, it seems some women are revelling in planning the day of their dreams – and they're not even dating yet.

According to a new poll by Interflora, six in ten single girls have already organised at least one aspect of their wedding day in their head, including the dress they'll wear and the flowers they want.

Some have gone even further and secretly looked into churches, reception venues, bridesmaid dresses and wedding cars.

Even more interestingly, one in ten single girls has begun saving money for her big day, with the average in the pot an admirable £968. Although considering the average wedding was found to cost £18,244 in a study last year, she's still got a way to go.

A spokesperson from Interflora said: "This research shows just how important a woman's wedding day is … It is romantic to think that there are so many women out there who can't wait to fall in love and enjoy a fantastic wedding day."

We think it's great too, as keeping a positive and open mind is the best way to ensure you're ready to let love in whenever Cupid's arrow strikes you.

However, those girls looking into their dream dress might want to remember that shapes and fashions come and go quicker than you can shake a stick at, so it might be best to avoid the temptation to buy it and keep it in the loft!

And if you're hankering after a big white wedding but have yet to meet Mr Right, why not consider speaking to one of our psychics to see if there is any romance in your near future? Who knows – you might need those glittery place cards sooner than you think.

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