Are women hedging their bets in relationships?

Are women hedging their bets in relationships?

A surprising number of women in the UK could be hedging their bets when it comes to relationships, just in case their current one turns sour.

This is according to a new survey carried out by on behalf of the Daily Mail, which discovered that half of its female respondents have a fall-back partner in mind for if they end up single, with married women more likely to do this than those simply in a relationship.

Potential candidates include an old flame they know has always had feelings for them, colleagues or someone they have met at the gym.

One in ten admitted their Plan B had already confessed their feelings and one in five thought the man in question would willingly drop everything if she asked him to, although a perhaps more sensible one in three doubted anything would ever happen in this area.

Incredibly, many of the women polled revealed their feelings for Plan B are as strong as those they have for their current husband or boyfriend – and 12 per cent said they are actually stronger.

A spokesperson for suggested the results are worrying, but could have a positive effect in a roundabout sort of way.

"This could spark fear in men across the UK and be great news for women looking for that extra bit of love and care so that their attentions aren't swayed. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, it's easier than ever to stay in touch with an old flame. Men need to be aware of any 'old friends' that turn up out of the blue, that's for sure," he added.

However, the survey comes after a previous poll by found that out of the 73 per cent of people who have a revelation while they are on holiday, 21 per cent realise they are dissatisfied with their relationships.

It might suggest that some Britons are spending too much time daydreaming about the grass being greener on the other side when they could be putting that effort into bringing back some romance with their current love.

Alternatively, perhaps it's time to initiate a break-up and make a go of it with Plan B! If you're struggling, why not have a tarot reading to help you decide?

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