Archaeologists uncover Ancient Egyptian secret

Archaeologists uncover Ancient Egyptian secret

Archaeologists have revealed that they have discovered a painting in a tomb in Egypt that dates back around 4,300 years.

The Russian team had been working in an area to the east of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which they assumed had already given up all its secrets to those who first unearthed it.

However, while restoration work was being carried out, an image began to appear on the walls – and it turned out to be a poignant insight into the lives of those who walked the Earth thousands of years before us.

The picture had been covered by a layer of soot and dirt, as people lived in the tomb in the Middle Ages, but researchers were able to gently get rid of it and render 30 per cent of the scene visible.

It shows a man named Perseneb with his wife and dog, as well as depictions of ships sailing on the Nile and agricultural tasks such as sowing and hunting birds.

More images of the painting will be released in the coming weeks as the restoration experts are able to uncover more of it.

The team thinks the tomb was built in around 2450 to 2350 BC and that Perseneb may have been an important person, such as a priest.

Meanwhile, the painting could also have hidden meanings, Professor at Russian State University Maksim Lebedev told Live Science. For example, hunting birds may refer to rebirth and taming chaos, while the depiction of boats with sails going southwards may refer to the final journey of someone of high status.

Ancient Egypt had a fantastic array of belief systems, including gods and goddesses to represents all aspects of life and death.

Themes of fertility, rebirth, death and resurrection were particularly common and the Egyptians tended to incorporate their belief into older ideals, rather than replacing them.

For this reason, many spiritualists still follow Ancient Egyptian practices today. Why not speak to one of our mediums too see if you can channel an ancestor from a long-ago civilisation?

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