Ant and Dec reveal foundations of a very lasting friendship

Ant and Dec reveal foundations of a very lasting friendship

Ant and Dec didn’t hit it off straight away but have an enduring friendship that has weathered 25 years, according to the primetime television duo.

The pals, Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, said in an interview with the Newcastle Chronicle they chat now in much the same way they did more than two decades ago.

Best friends for many years, the pair initially bonded over a shared love of their favourite football team Newcastle United and films, having both been stars of children’s TV show Byker Grove.

Ant explained it was Dec’s “awful” jokes that put him off, while Dec said he initially thought Ant had “a bit of a miserable face”.

“We’d never met before but the two characters became friends so ultimately we would be hanging around on set waiting for our scenes to be done or hanging out in the Green Room, or sitting next to each other when we were getting tutored. We would mess about and put each other off,” said Dec.

Perhaps the closeness of their friendship is evidence they were pals in a previous life, as they bonded after a Christmas card in which Ant invited Dec to a football match on Boxing Day, creating a supportive and lucrative friendship.

Past incarnations of Ant and Dec may well have been close and this positive cosmic alliance could be repeated today, particularly as the important people around you tend to be those you have met in a previous life.

They may have been thrown together again by the universe in order to continue work started in another incarnation, or their strong rapport may mean they become best friends again in a future life.

Indeed, shared tastes and ease of communication with one another can be indicative of compatibility and perhaps repeating patterns of closeness established before. Why not look at your closest pals and then speak to a psychic to see if there are any signs that your friendship may go back further than you think?

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