Alexa Chung claims to be psychic

Alexa Chung claims to be psychic (All Star)

She's a presenter, fully-fledged style icon, model and beauty ambassador, but there's one thing that you may not know about Alexa Chung – she's psychic, allegedly.

That's right, Ms Chung, is a self-proclaimed medium. Speaking at the Cut's fashion week party in New York last month, she claimed to be on the ball with fashion trends before they've even debuted on the catwalk.

"I'm psychic. I don't see one because I already know what's up," she explained.

"All last week, I was thinking about Chinese slippers, you know, the ones you see in Soho with the embroidery on them? And then there they were in the Marc by Marc Jacobs show today."

But the 'it' girl's psychic abilities go beyond forecasting the next form of fancy footwear. The 30-year-old star is guaranteed to be soaking up the sun at the latest festival, where her talent tends to come to good use.

At Sleep No More in New York earlier this year, Chung said she lost her friends, but could sense their whereabouts in the room by channelling her psychic energy. Likewise, if there is no mobile reception, she can tell the exact location of her companions.

Mystic Meg, move over.

It seems like Alexa isn't the only star to be at one with her spiritual side. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz have all visited a psychic medium for a reading.

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