Albert Einstein ‘a believer in psychics’

Albert Einstein 'a believer in psychics'

A surprising number of people like to use the excuse that they are more of a believer in science than in spiritualism when we chat to them about discussing their worries with a psychic.

However, who says the two schools of thought cannot exist in harmony? Did you know, for instance, that Albert Einstein was apparently a believer in the abilities of psychics?

The famous physicist was supposedly holidaying in the US resort of Palm Springs when he bumped into a woman named Gene Dennis. This lady had what many people call 'the gift' and the two got chatting.

"She told me things no one could possibly know, things on which I have been working, and she demonstrated she has the power to do things I cannot explain," Einstein later said, adding that the whole encounter was 'miraculous'.

According to Inquisitr, he subsequently became interested in the world of spiritualism after this and was very much a believer in the idea of some things being outside the realm of scientific understanding.

Of course, Ms Dennis became a very famous psychic after this endorsement, so she was no doubt very grateful to Einstein for publicising her world and giving it credence among the scientific community.

We can perhaps see the influence of this belief in another famous quote attributed to Einstein, which talks about the intuitive mind being a "sacred gift" and the rational mind a "faithful servant".

"We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift," he mused.

If you have previously been sceptical of the abilities of psychics and mediums, then why not suspend your disbelief and book an appointment with one of our experts, even by text if you're unsure?

After all, if one of the greatest scientists that ever lived thought there was something amazing about the spiritual world, then maybe there really is something in it.

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