A guide to Virgo – Signs of the Zodiac

A guide to Virgo - Signs of the Zodiac

We all usually know what star sign we were born under, whether you follow your horoscopes in the papers or online or not. But how much do you really know about your particular sign of the zodiac?

Since we have just moved in to Virgo (24th August to 22nd September), here's our guide to the sixth sign, symbolised by the maiden who carries corn.


Truthful, loyal and determined Virgo makes a steadfast friend, so people tend to look up to them, particularly if they have a problem that needs solving. However, this desire to help can be taken to the extreme and they may need the occasional reminder not to over-analyse or take complete control.

They can also be frustrating for their close pals because they tend to be self-contained and won't give much back, plus their desire to carefully analyse things makes them appear indecisive and slow. Woe betide the person who tries to rush a Virgo though – they hate this and may well sulk.

Virgoans are the traditional still waters that run deep and they are natural worriers, so they would benefit from occasional reassurance – try not to unsettle them too much, as they can get wound up like a spring and you won't hear the end of it for some time.

A tendency to strive for perfection means Virgoans can be critical of others and seem inflexible and cold, but remember that underneath all this, they often lack self-confidence and under-value their achievements.

Virgo is practical yet surprisingly creative, although their narrow-mindedness can cause this aspect of them to suffer and lead to them living very routine lives, dwelling too much on the past.

With a positive enough attitude though, they can be very happy and successful, with a groundedness that feels warming and homely – in fact, they are closely linked to Mother Earth.

Virgoans can make good gym buddies as they relish the health benefits keeping fit can offer – although be prepared for them to run and run and then want to do 300 sit-ups for good measure afterwards. Remember to get them to cool down afterwards, as time to relax is essential for a Virgo when it comes to stopping them being uptight and sleepless.


A Virgo is likely to play hard to get at first, but that's just because they're wary of giving you their heart in case you hurt them. Once they're in a relationship, they're usually totally devoted for the long run, although a jealous streak can occasionally show itself.

Virgoans tend to be conservative and slightly old-fashioned, but they have the utmost respect for their partners. Don't expect high romance, but a Virgo is ideal if you want loyalty, devotion and a steady relationship without frustrating drama.


Because Virgoans are so organised, reliable and caring – underneath that cold veneer – they have traditionally made fantastic nurses. However, their fastidiousness for details and analytical mind also makes them ideal craftspeople, such as carpenters, or researchers.

Indeed, a Virgo will pore over a subject to the nth degree – but that inability to be rushed can prevent them from taking on roles in high-pressure environments like television.

Bosses often favour Virgoan workers as they are really diligent and get things right first time. However, this isn't always reflected in their ability to rise to managerial level, as responsibility doesn't sit well with them and that critical side can rub people up the wrong way.


Virgo is most compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio. Taurus balances a Virgo person out because they think with their hearts not their heads, while mysterious and intriguing Scorpio will fascinate them.  A Cancer lover will offer the security Virgo craves, while they in turn can balance out Cancer's tendency for mood swings.

On the opposite side of the coin, Aries is too bossy for independent Virgo and won't like their pernickety nature, while proud Libra won't like being criticised. And as for Gemini with their need for constant change and frequent hair-brained schemes, this would be intolerable for grounded Virgo, as would their tendency for messiness as they pursue their latest project.

On the cusp?

Anyone born on the edge of one star sign or another – for instance, a Virgo born on 25th September – is likely to find they are more of a blend of attributes and traits than someone born right in the middle of the date limits.

It's therefore a good idea to look at the signs either side of your own to see if you have been influenced by them. For example, you might enjoy conversation and debate more than a typical Virgo, in which case you probably have something in common with Librans. 

Getting your horoscope read

There are plenty of different ways of finding out more about your star sign, plus it's really fun too. You can check out them out in the newspaper – although bear in mind that the horoscopes may have been written by someone who has made them up that morning as opposed to an astrologer.

You can also have your own individual birth chart researched and drawn up by a professional, details of which should be available via a quick internet search.

At http://www.psychicsonline.co.ukPsychicsOnline, our experts also know a great deal about the signs of the zodiac, so feel free to book a call with one of them if you want to ask any questions. 

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