A guide to the best questions to ask a psychic

A guide to the best questions to ask a psychic

Although our psychic experts speak to hundreds of people each year, we understand that many of you may not yet have taken the plunge and called, text messages or instant messaged them – and that doing so can be a little daunting.

However, if you haven't ever had a reading, we'd encourage you to do so. We're all a very friendly bunch and you could gain a real insight into your higher self and your relationships with other people, be they on Earth or in the spirit world.

If you're still on the fence, we can help. Below, we've put together a guide to some of the best questions to ask a psychic during a reading in order to get the best out of it.

Once you're warmed up, you can then follow the route of the chat and come up with your own queries to ask before your session ends.

Before the reading

First things first: a reading actually begins before you pick up the phone or approach the keyboard to speak to the person with whom you want to chat. That's because you ideally need to prepare in order to maximise your chances of getting what you wanted from your session.

A day or so before you want to speak to a psychic, sit quietly and think about the area you'd like to cover when you do. This might be discussing why you have stalled in your career, or chatting about how to find love. Alternatively, if it's a medium you're eager to talk to, imagine making arrangements to meet up with the departed loved one you hope to contact, just as you would have done when they were alive. This should ensure they are ready to pass on messages when the consultation begins.

Also, it's a good idea to try some relaxation or even meditation immediately before you call or text, as the psychic may find it difficult to contact you spiritually if you're still thinking about what you've got to do tomorrow, what you're having for tea and other things that can fill your mind.

During the reading

You can call our team of experts any time you like and choose the person you think would be most relevant, plus we even do readings by text and instant messaging now too. This means there should be an option to suit you regardless of how you like to communicate.

However, it's not an issue if you're still feeling nervous despite your preparation. This is perfectly normal and we get it a lot. All you need to do is tell your psychic that you're experiencing some apprehension and they'll do their best to put you at ease, probably through making a little small talk before going on to the task in hand.

You can lead the conversation in any direction, whether it's to discuss relationships, careers, your love life or anything else. But the key thing to remember is that your queries should be open-ended.

This isn't Twenty Questions, so avoid quizzing your designated person with anything that will result in yes or no answers. For instance, don't ask if you should dump your boyfriend – ask why your relationship is in difficulties and what you can each do to make things easier.

Other good questions for love topics include 'what kind of person will I attract if I look for love now?'; 'what kind of person would complement my personality?' and 'why have I struggled to find the right relationship in the past?'.

If it's careers advice you're after, avoid specific queries about particular companies or industries. Again, be open-ended. Ask how you can be most successful or why you have been feeling unfulfilled lately. You could also talk about what kind of work you're most suited to if you feel like you need a change of direction.

For general advice about better spiritual wellbeing, look towards things that might be causing you stress, find out how you can make the most of your guardians and ask what you can do to calm your mind during times of trouble.

These are the types of questions our regulars tend to get the best results from, so they're all worth a try when it's your first time.

Things to remember

Although we don't like to be fed information when our experts are doing a reading, you should aim to keep the energy going by responding 'yes' when you receive a message you understand. However, don't be embarrassed to say you don't understand if something has come through that is unclear to you – psychics can look deeper into it if this is the case.

On the other hand, you may not grasp every little thing we impart; some of it may relate to aspects of your life you have yet to experience, so write it down anyway.

That leads us to our two final points, which are to take plenty of notes for future reference – and to enjoy yourself!

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