A guide to Scorpio – Signs of the Zodiac

A guide to Scorpio - Signs of the Zodiac (Shutterstock)

When it comes to our star sign, some of us keep track of it ritually, others are guilty of occasionally flicking to the back of a magazine to read about their destiny, and a few may openly admit that their knowledge of the zodiac is sparse at best.

But whether or not you're superstitious, delving into the real meaning of your zodiac sign could reveal more about yourself than you might think, and open your eyes to an important aspect of your life that you were previously unaware of.

Since we have just moved into Scorpio (October 24th to November 22nd), here's our guide to the eighth sign, deemed by astrologers as the 'most powerful'.


Scorpios are extremely independent and so forming connections with others can be complicated. Building trust and respect in both platonic and romantic relationships may take time, but once established Scorpios remain committed and loyal.

They lead fate-filled lives and their personal relationships are often dramatic and intense.

Honesty is the key attribute a Scorpio looks for in a partner and when this is found, they make amazing friends who won't make false promises.

Any kind gesture made to a Scorpio won't go unnoticed, but they can be known to hold a grudge should anyone break their trust. Despite this, their great sense of humour and faithfulness is different to any other zodiac sign, and they make unforgettable companions.


Passion and desire go hand in hand for Scorpios, but until they can confide in a partner, they often wear a mask to disguise their feelings. For those around them, it may be tricky to come to terms with their emotional depth.

Scorpios are sometimes found to be wise beyond their years; they often know the answers, but struggle to find what they need to develop their own happiness. But although it may not be obvious, deep down Scorpios simply want a close, committed relationship.

The water element of this star sign means the first instinct of a Scorpio in love is to respond passionately and deeply. So once they find their true match, their devotion signals a long-lasting relationship.


For most people, choosing a job means finding something you're good at. But when a Scorpio decides which career path to take, it's really a matter of discovering where their heart lies.

Scorpios are very ambitious and influential, so are suited to roles that greatly impact people and make a difference to the world – for example, a doctor or a scientist.

Intuition is a strong Scorpio trait, which makes them great decision makers and good at generating wealth. However, they can be quite conservative about spending their money for fear of coming face to face with a potential competitor. But this is just part of their cautious nature and they will reveal their selfless side for a friend in need.


If you're a Pisces, you're probably the most compatible with a Scorpio. Both signs have the water element as their symbol and where Scorpios can sometimes be possessive and jealous, the generous, charming nature of a Pisces is the perfect counterbalance.

A Pisces is understanding and will always try to make a Scorpio happy. In return, Scorpios will reveal their loyalty and show devotion to their partner – be it in a romantic sense or a mutual friendship.

On the cusp?

If you were born on the edge of a star sign – for example, a birthday on October 24th – you may have characteristics of both a Scorpio and a Libra.

Libras love excitement and adventure, and are happiest when they are among others. They are good at getting along with people and find it easy to make friends.

Those who were born on November 22nd may possess attributes of a Sagittarian.

People under this sign are excellent conversationalists and treat others the way they want to be treated. Their life policy is 'live and let live', which makes them very likeable people – although they may clash with those who lead highly-structured, organised lives.

Getting your horoscope read

There are a number of ways to discover more about your star sign, alongside reading about it in a magazine or newspaper. It is also important to note that many of the monthly columns you read haven't been written by a professional.

But many psychic experts are skilled in astrology and here at PsychicsOnline, you can speak to one of our mediums to gain an insight into your zodiac sign or have any burning questions answered.

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