A guide to Libra – Signs of the Zodiac

A guide to Libra - Signs of the Zodiac

We all usually know what star sign we were born under, whether you follow your horoscopes in the papers or online or not. But how much do you really know about your particular sign of the zodiac?

Since we have just moved in to Libra (23rd September to 23rd October), here's our guide to the seventh sign, symbolised by the scales.


If ever there was a picture that really accurately represented a star sign, it's the scales for Libra. Their key characteristic is being able to see all sides of a problem and everyone's point of view, which is because they crave balance and harmony in life.

As a result, they are natural peacemakers and excellent at negotiating, as well as enjoying conversational debate for fun. Librans tend to be popular because of this, but their inability or reluctance to take sides can sometimes rub people up the wrong way – and they can appear indecisive as they try to weigh up issues.

However, that's not to say that they don't approach new things with excitement and enthusiasm. In particular, Librans like beauty in their environment, so they are likely to be culture vultures and collectors of aesthetically pleasing objects.

People born under this sign have a strong sense of justice and will take action if they think it is not being done, so you could do worse than having a Libran on your side if you're in trouble.


Librans are popular on the dating scene because they are charming and can relate to the opposite sex, but what they crave most is a stable relationship with a steady partner – there's that need for harmony and balance again. 

Once in a relationship, they observe the rituals of courtship but aren't overtly romantic. They will also work hard to maintain a happy environment and avoid confrontation wherever possible.

However, a Libran's analytical mind can sometimes make them appear cold and switched off. It's worth remembering that these still waters run especially deep though – they aren't deliberately ignoring a partner, but rather need time to process what's going on around them.


Since Librans are so good at seeing both sides of any situation, they are often very successful business people and extremely good at networking. Their analytical minds mean they can tackle almost any problem and expressing themselves is not an issue thanks to that natural way of communicating.

However, it is important for Librans to be in careers that satisfy them, as they will easily become bored otherwise. People under this sign require continuous stimulation from knowledge and information, so doing something that relates to their hobbies is beneficial for them.

For this reason, Librans can often be found in artistic or creative pursuits, despite their tendency to be analytical too – joiners and architects may well be Libran – and their true intelligence can sometimes be overlooked.  


Perhaps the most compatible star sign for Libra is Gemini, as both are intellectual, thirsty for knowledge and stimulation, and like to communicate. The only downside is that their interactions can tire them out. Other good signs for Libra include Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

On the opposite side, the least compatible signs are usually Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer. The latter is especially applicable, as Cancer tends to look for an emotional connection and can be moody, which clashes with Libra's desire for harmony.

On the cusp?

If you are born within the first or last few days of Libra, then you may also display traits of either Virgo or Scorpio. If it's the former, you are likely to be quick-witted and motherly, while passion and magnetism may be more likely for those affected by the latter.

Getting your horoscope read

There are plenty of different ways of finding out more about your star sign, plus it's really fun too. You can check them out in the newspaper – although bear in mind that the horoscopes may have been written by someone who has made them up that morning as opposed to an astrologer.

You can also have your own individual birth chart researched and drawn up by a professional, details of which should be available via a quick internet search.

At PsychicsOnline, our experts also know a great deal about the signs of the zodiac, so feel free to give them a call if you want to ask any questions. 

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