A guide to Leo – Signs of the Zodiac

A guide to Leo - Signs of the Zodiac

We all tend to know what star sign we were born under, whether you follow your horoscopes in the papers or online or not. But how much do you really know about your particular sign of the zodiac?

Since we have just moved in to Leo (23rd July to 23rd August), here's our guide to the fifth sign, symbolised by the lion.


Leos are famed for their loyalty and ferocious nature. As steady fire signs, they are attracted to drama and life will never be dull with a Leo around because they love to live in the fast lane.

They work hard, play hard and enjoy being at the centre of a family or group of close friends. For this reason, they are great at keeping in touch. Need someone to organise a reunion or a relative's party? A Leo is your go-to person.

Because they're so charismatic and positive, they tend to attract an abundance of friends and opportunities – but they can be wearing at times due to their boundless energy and enthusiasm. Leos need to be encouraged to factor in quiet time for reflection and recuperation.


Leos are associated with the heart and this shows, because they're always happiest when they're with someone they love.

Once they have committed to a relationship, they are devoted and almost unshakeably faithful. However, woe betide the person who betrays the trust of a Leo – they won't forgive a broken heart and are famed for being able to cut their ties in an instant. If a Leo says your relationship is over, they don't expect to see them return for more.

Leos typically love children and mother or fatherhood is usually very important to them so they can build their own family to protect.


Leos make truly excellent leaders and managers because they're somewhat bossy and enjoy being in a position of power. You'll probably enjoy being managed by a Leo for the most part though, as they don't worry about trivialities and love big projects.

That said, they tend to ruffle other people's feathers from time to time because they can get a little overbearing and proud. Indeed, you might find that a bad idea will never be a Leo's fault – and if they don't get their own way, they won't be happy.

Leos can often be found in jobs that require showmanship and theatre, as making an impression is a must for them. Many TV and movie personalities are Leos, because they've got the thick skin and determination it takes to rise to the top, plus they really stand out above the competition.

If you know a Leo, you'll probably already have realised that they like the best of everything – from careers and leisure to relationships – and are idealists at heart, because they hold out until they get it or make it happen themselves.


Since Leo is a fire sign, it's best for them to hang out with other fire signs – they tend to be the best personalities for handling them.

Aries or Sagittarius people are therefore most likely to gel well with Leos, as they're also passionate and optimistic. Sagittarius is also playful and up for a laugh, so this should appeal to anyone born under the lion sign.

Perhaps surprisingly, Gemini can be a good match for Leo because both signs have a curious nature. However, they'll undoubtedly need time apart, because Gemini is famously restless and on the lookout for novelty, which steadfast, see-things-through Leo just won't understand.

For this reason, they may be better friends than they would be partners or workmates because it makes an eventual clash less likely.

In terms of the worst sign for Leos, the nomination would probably go to Scorpio because they also tend to want to dominate in their social circle – and you wouldn't want two alpha males or females!

On the cusp?

Anyone born on the edge of one star sign or another – for instance, a Leo born on 22nd August – is likely to find they are more of a blend of attributes and traits than someone born right in the middle of the date limits.

It's therefore a good idea to look at the signs either side of your own to see if you have been influenced by them. You might be more moody and sensitive than a typical Leo, in which case you probably have something in common with Cancerians. Alternatively, you could have a tendency to over-analyse things, suggesting the oncoming influence of Virgo has taken away a little of the Leo certainty and determination.

Getting your horoscope read

There are lots of different ways of finding out more about your horoscope, plus it's really fun too. You can check out your sign in the newspaper – although bear in mind that the horoscopes may have been written by a harassed journalist as opposed to an astrologer.

You can also have your own individual chart drawn up by a professional, details of which should be available via a quick internet search.

At PsychicsOnline, our experts also know a great deal about the signs of the zodiac, so feel free to book a call with one of them if you want to ask any questions. 

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