A guide to divination with a pendulum

A guide to divination with a pendulum

If you've ever been in a store dedicated to holistic therapies and spirituality, then you'll no doubt have noticed pendulums hanging up on display.

However, if you're new to this field of enlightenment, then you may not be entirely sure what they are for. Far from being simply beautiful decorative items, they can actually be very useful in helping you connect with your spirit guides in order to answer questions.

Selecting your pendulum

People often like to use crystals for this purpose, which have been specially shaped into a point and can be threaded onto a chain. These are the products you will have seen for sale and they're an ideal way of incorporating the power of crystals into the divination process.

We particularly like amethyst and clear quartz if you're purchasing a pendulum, as they're very good all-rounders and are widely available for a relatively inexpensive price.

However, you don't have to buy yours at all. Instead, you can just use a piece of old jewellery or a trinket that you feel a special affinity towards, preferably one you have worn or carried around a lot. Make sure it's not magnetic though, as this will interfere with the energy you need.

Simply tie it to a piece of string, chain or leather so that it can dangle around six inches from your hand and you have your pendulum.

Cleansing and programming your pendulum

Just as you would with a crystal, it's a good idea to cleanse your pendulum of any energy it might already have picked up. You can do this by leaving it out in the rain for a night (in a safe place, of course) or putting it on a sunny windowsill to absorb the rays of our star.

To link it up to your own energy, hold the pendulum between your two closed hands and sit quietly with your eyes closed. Clear your mind of as many thoughts as you can and focus completely on your crystal or charm. Do this for at least five minutes, but you can try longer if you feel you need or want to.

Once these processes have been completed, your pendulum is ready to use.

Using a pendulum for divination

In order for your pendulum to answer questions for you, it's essential to be in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Hold the chain gently between your thumb and index finger and relax your wrist, then close your eyes and empty your mind.

Slow your breathing and your tool will be able to tune in to the surrounding energy and contact your spirit guides or guardian angel.

To get your answers, you can either buy or make a board featuring separate spaces for 'yes', 'no' and any other responses. Alternatively, you can just ask your pendulum what these responses will look like in advance.

In your mind or out loud, ask to see a 'yes', followed by a 'no'. The pendulum should move and you will then be able to interpret the movements you see later on.

How it works

When performing divination, you act as a sort of television aerial that receives signals from elsewhere – in this case, spirits as opposed to ITV. It will only work if you do it with an open mind and don't try to influence the outcome.

You can ask questions about your personal life, such as whether you can trust a new friend or if you should buy a new car. Simply let the pendulum hand about five centimetres above the table and let the signal pass through your body. The crystal or charm should start to move, first in circles and then more clearly in the directions you established earlier.

It's also possible to use your pendulum for cleansing spaces, finding lost items and healing.

What am I doing wrong? It's not working!

If you're not getting the responses you expected, it may be that you need to go back to the beginning and re-determine what 'yes' and 'no' look like.

There could also be issues if you're feeling stressed out or tired, because you may unwittingly be blocking the signals. Similarly, being too close to electronic devices can cause interference that means normal responses can't get through.

You might also want to try selecting another crystal or piece of jewellery for the purpose, as not all items will be compatible with all people.

If you've tried all this and it's still not working, don't despair and write divination off completely. Instead, you could try calling someone at PsychicsOnline who specialises in pendulum use for guidance.

They will be able to tune in to your energy over the phone and then use their own pendulum to generate responses from the relevant spirit guides, so you get the benefits even if you've been struggling with the process. 

Do try it again another time though, as divination is fun and can help you reconnect with your spirituality. 

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