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How to connect with your spiritual self

Many of us spend a great part of our lives on the quest for inner peace and happiness, embarking on everything from exotic travels to art classes to help in the process. One way that this goal could be achieved

Humbleness is the ‘most attractive’ trait to both sexes

Being humble is deemed as the most attractive trait in a romantic partner, while arrogance and egotism are huge turn-offs for both men and women, a series of three new studies have revealed. Psychologists at Hope College in Michigan set

A guide to Scorpio – Signs of the Zodiac

When it comes to our star sign, some of us keep track of it ritually, others are guilty of occasionally flicking to the back of a magazine to read about their destiny, and a few may openly admit that their

A guide to Halloween and its celebrations

It's already October and for those of us who believe in the more spiritual side of things, that means one exciting thing – Halloween. Falling on October 31st each year, it's one of the calendar's most fun festivities and although

Brits say ‘trust’ is the top relationship must-have

British adults cite trust, honesty and loyalty as the most important attributes for maintaining solid relationships with businesses, friends and partners, a survey has revealed. Energy provider E.ON conducted a poll of 2,000 Brits to investigate the factors that contribute

Kim Kardashian consults psychic about baby plans

She's probably one of the most talked about celebrities on social media and is renowned for her love of taking selfies, but Kim Kardashian also has a spiritual side. After giving birth to daughter North West in June 2013 to

Forget traditional dating – try the Tube!

For most of us, underground railways are a rather tedious means to an end; they get us to and from work or social engagements, but we don't really think much about them beyond that. However, one man has suggested that

Pope Francis: Guardian angels do exist

Everyone has heard about Angel Gabriel from the Christmas story, but many people also believe there are scores more of these celestial beings who take care of the humans on earth on a day-to-day basis. And it seems that Pope

Are women hedging their bets in relationships?

A surprising number of women in the UK could be hedging their bets when it comes to relationships, just in case their current one turns sour. This is according to a new survey carried out by on behalf of

Young people ‘need better careers advice’

Young people in the UK may be in need of much better careers advice than they are currently getting, according to a recently published government report. The National Careers Council's document Taking action: Achieving a culture change in careers provision

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