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A guide to spiritual traditions – What is a shaman?

For some people, the word 'shaman' conjures up images of a malevolent tribal character who dabbles in hexes and curses. While this depiction may be popular in Hollywood, the reality is often very different.  Shamans have existed across many cultures

What are near-death experiences?

Near-death experiences (NDEs) are far from a modern phenomenon and the first recorded instances of them are as long ago as the 4th century – but what are they? Improvements in healthcare, specifically, cardiac resuscitation techniques, have led to a

How to reconnect with your goals and dreams – at any stage in life

This year, US sitcom Friends celebrated its 20th anniversary since first hitting our screens – in which time it has become one of the most popular shows ever and continues to air in countries across the world.  Watching Joey, Ross,

A guide to reincarnation and what people believe outside religion

Many people will have heard the term reincarnation without understanding exactly what it is and why it is relevant today, even in people who aren't necessarily religious in the traditional sense. Here, we'll present our brief guide to the phenomenon

A guide to Libra – Signs of the Zodiac

We all usually know what star sign we were born under, whether you follow your horoscopes in the papers or online or not. But how much do you really know about your particular sign of the zodiac? Since we have

How Qigong could benefit your mind, body and spirit

Almost everyone will have heard of yoga, while other forms of spiritual exercise such as tai chi and Pilates are becoming ever-more popular. However, many people will not have even heard of Qigong, let alone be familiar with what it

Pharrell Williams believes in aliens – but so do most of us

Pop singer Pharrell Williams has revealed he is convinced there is alien life somewhere in the universe. The Blurred Lines hitmaker told Stylist magazine outer space is just too big to assume that we're all alone here on Earth. "How

Let go of limiting beliefs to boost your relationships

We all know someone who seems to go through an endless stream of relationships, never able to find the right person for them. However, it could be that they are unwittingly sabotaging these fledgling romances because they have enforced limiting

What does your workwear say about you?

We all have to get dressed each day and many of those days involve going to a workplace in order to do our jobs. This might mean selecting a suit or donning something slightly more casual if there isn't such

Traumatic childhood led to gift development for one medium

Medium to the stars Gordon Smith has been talking about how he realised he had a very special gift when he began to retreat into his own head after suffering as a result of a traumatic childhood. Speaking to the

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