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Egyptian relic discovered in Essex house

An ancient relic from Egypt has been discovered – in the cavity wall of a home in Essex. This most unlikely of discoveries was made after the owner of the property died and a team was called in to empty

Learn more about your chakras

Holistic healers and psychics often mention chakras and if you're not entirely sure what they are, you're not likely to get the best from your sessions and understand why different healing processes are carried out. Here, we'll present our brief

How animals can help with your spiritual – and physical – wellbeing

Millions of us here in the UK own pets of some sort or another, whether it's a trusty hound or a cute and cuddly guinea pig. Taking care of an animal is a wonderful way to feel loved and give

A guide to Virgo – Signs of the Zodiac

We all usually know what star sign we were born under, whether you follow your horoscopes in the papers or online or not. But how much do you really know about your particular sign of the zodiac? Since we have

What are oracle cards and how are they used?

If you're a regular reader of these pages, then you'll know we have already discussed tarot cards in detail – hopefully, you might even have got in touch with one of our experts for your own reading. However, you might

How to let go of fear for a healthier mind

Everyone feels fear at some point in their lives. From the time when we have to start playschool or ride a bike without stabilisers to the day when we set crucial exams for a university degree or the equivalent, life

Half of divorcees left regretting the split

We all know that deciding to get a divorce isn't something anyone does lightly – unless you're an A-lister and get married on a whim every so often, of course. However, the amount of thought put into making the decision

Father recalls astonishing moment angel saved his son

A man has spoken about how he is certain a guardian angel stepped in to save his son from certain death or serious injury in a road accident in Washington, USA 35 years ago. Micah Smith told the Light Notes

US couple reveals home haunted by malevolent spirits

Horror movie and paranormal enthusiasts may be flocking to the home of Deanna and Tom Simpson of Hanover in Pennsylvania, after they spoke of how it is haunted by a host of malevolent spirits. The couple have lived in their

Are there men on the moon?

We've been teaching our children about the man in the moon through nursery rhymes for years, but perhaps we should have been looking for men on the moon instead. One internet user believes he has stumbled on an image taken

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