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Therapeutic dancing – what is it?

Everyone likes to get their groove on now and again, whether it's at a summer music festival, a wedding reception or simply out on the town on a Friday night. You probably realise that it's quite good for you (unless

Be in love – but be careful how you express it

We often talk about our other halves with our friends, and those closest to us are usually delighted if we believe we have found 'the one'. But there is clearly a limit on how often our pals want to hear

Could a planetary neighbour hold alien life?

Earth-like planets populated by alien races have always been the stuff of science-fiction books and films, rather than reality. Indeed, characters such as Captain Kirk will regard travelling to other worlds and meeting little green men as a fairly routine

What is Paganism and how is it practised today?

When we think of religion, it's easy to name some of the most common ones including Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism. However, many other disciplines exist and are equally valuable to those who practise them. One such religion is Paganism. What

Men insist women come before football

A new poll has seen men insist that their love lives come before football, even as the World Cup continues. More than 250 men and women were quizzed by SexShop365 and 59 per cent of male respondents said they'd scrap

Did boy capture spirit guarding soldiers’ final resting place?

A young boy visiting a war cemetery in France believes he may have captured the image of a ghost solider on his iPhone. Fourteen-year old Mitch Glover from Leamington Spa was on a school trip to the Neuville-St Vaast German

How to beat stress at work for better wellbeing

The recession may thankfully be over, but many people will still be feeling its after-effects in terms of workplace stress. Perhaps your office lost several members of staff and you're now sharing their work between the rest of you, or

Connect with your inner self by analysing your dreams

All of us dream, whether you wake each morning to recall some kind of strange storyline having gone on in the night or hardly ever remember what was going on in your head as you slept. However, have you ever

Teenagers focused on getting a good career, poll finds

A new study has found that far from being the self-obsessed generation the media often accuses them as being, today's teenagers are actually more focused and driven towards getting a good job than many of their counterparts in a number

Could birth order influence likelihood of finding love?

You might be forgiven for assuming that your brothers and sisters don't have much to do with your likelihood of dating success – unless they steal your dates or sabotage candlelit meals, of course. However, a new poll has suggested

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