Monthly Archives: May 2014

Being sensitive is good – but don’t go over the top

There is surely nobody in the whole world who can say they haven't taken a comment or throwaway remark to heart at some point or another – perhaps you were having a bad day, or maybe you took something a

Tuning into the moon – how it could help you make better decisions

We are all well aware of the moon in the sky – many people like to watch its progress as it waxes and wanes among the stars. It's also well-known that our lives as we know them on earth would

How to harness the power of mindfulness

Mindfulness can trace its origins back more than 2,000 years as a meditative part of Buddhism, but it has been hitting the headlines again recently as people recognise the benefits it can have as a way of handling everyday emotions.

A guide to divination with a pendulum

If you've ever been in a store dedicated to holistic therapies and spirituality, then you'll no doubt have noticed pendulums hanging up on display. However, if you're new to this field of enlightenment, then you may not be entirely sure

How to harness the power of colour and balance your wellbeing

Although we regularly publish guides to using objects such as crystals for therapeutic purposes, we appreciate that some of you might not have the time to collect them, connect with them and then ensure you remember to carry them with

How to beat stress and anxiety – every day

If you regularly read these pages, you may remember that we recently reported on a story about how anxiety levels appear to be rising among people in Britain. The Mental Health Foundation's Living With Anxiety report found that 22 per

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