Monthly Archives: April 2014

How love really can warm the soul and make you happier

A quick internet search for the world 'love' reveals that the world is somewhat preoccupied with it. In excess of a billion results pop up in your search engine, from dating sites and portals for people to share romantic poetry,

Create a clutter-free haven – and clear your mind too

Spring is well and truly upon us now, with daffodils and other blooms gloriously displaying their wares and the sun's rays really warming up (at least, some of the time). This is a popular time for a spring clean of

What is Reiki and how does it work?

Many people will have heard of Reiki without actually knowing and understanding what it is and what it involves, let along how it might help people on a day-to-day basis. It's one of those New Age, hippy treatments you might

How to use crystals to bring love into your life

By definition, crystals are minerals that form underground, with the largest concentration coming from the Earth's solid bedrock. Not only are they usually very beautiful to look at, but they are also valued by spiritualists for having particular traits and

How to beat negative thoughts with positive affirmations

When we think about our everyday lives, it's easy to think we're in a much better position to experience fulfilment than our grandmothers and even our mothers. We have automatic machines to help us do the housework, we're no longer

What are angels and how can they help you?

Anyone who ever appeared in a school nativity play will have heard of angels as divine messengers. However, their role in our lives doesn't end with the school play or sitting on top of a Christmas tree once a year.

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